Eleventh Internation Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics (CGS 11)
September 2-6, 2002
Pruhonice near Prague, Czech Republic

First Circular

General Information

The CGS 11 is the eleventh sympsium in a series that started in Studsvik, Sweden (1969) and continued in Petten, The Netherlands (1974), Brookhaven, USA (1978), Grenoble, France (1981), Knoxville, USA (1984), Leuven, Belgium (1987), Asilomar, USA (1990), Fribourg, Switzerland (1993), Budapest, Hungary (1996) and Santa Fe, USA (1999).

The CGS 11 is organised by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague together with the Faculty of Nuclear Science and Engineering of the Czech Technical University and the Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences at Rez. The Symposium will continue to cover the traditional subjects: nuclear structure, gamma-ray spectroscopy, nuclear reactions, astrophysics, nuclear data and various applications related to capture reactions.

The Symposium is to be held in a Congress Centre in Pruhonice near Prague during the period of September 2-6, 2002. The venue of the Symposium, the village of Pruhonice, is a quiet place located 15 km from downtown Prague within reach of Prague's public transportation system.

About 75 per cent of the participants are to be lodged in Pruhonice and rest of them in hotels in Prague.

Sessions will start on Monday morning, September 2, and end at noon on Friday, September 6. A welcome party will be held on Sunday, and a banquet on Thursday. A program for accompanying persons including excursions to Prague and nearby sites is planned.

The manuscripts of contributions to the CGS 11 are to be prepared in a camera-ready form and collected during the Symposium. The proceedings will be published by the World Scientific Publishing Company in Singapore.

Further details regarding the CGS 11 can be found on the website http://cgs11.cuni.cz.

Local Organising Committee:

F. Becvar, J. Dobes, S. Krejcik (treasurer), M. Krticka, J. Kvasil (chair), A. Mackova, S. Pospisil, I. Tomandl

International Advisory Committee:

H. Boerner (Grenoble), R. Casten (New Haven), R.E. Chrien (Brookhaven), W. Gelletly (Surrey), K. Heyde (Gent), R. Jolos (Dubna), F. Kaeppeler (Karlsruhe), W.A. Michaudon (Los Alamos), G. Mitchell (Durham), G. Molnar (Budapest), S. Raman (Oak Ridge), A. Richter (Darmstadt), K. Schreckenbach (Munich), P. von Brentano (Cologne), T. von Egidy (Munich), D.D. Warner (Daresbury), H. Weidenmueller (Heidelberg), S. Wender (Los Alamos), M. Wiescher (Notre Dame), S.W. Yates (Lexington)

Program Committee:

Y. Alhassid (New Haven), A. Aprahamian (Notre Dame), M. Arnould (Brussels), G. Audi (Orsay) - not confirmed, E. Betak (Bratislava), M.B. Chadwick (Los Alamos), J.A. Cizewski (Piscataway), W.I. Furman (Dubna) - not confirmed, P.E. Garrett (Livermore), R. Haight (Los Alamos), M. Herman (Vienna), A. Ignatyuk (Obninsk) - not confirmed, R.V.F. Janssens (Argone), J. Jolie (Cologne), E. Kessler (Gaithersburg), H. Kitazawa (Tokyo), K.P. Lieb (Goettingen), H. Mach (Studsvik), A. Mengoni (Bologna), P. Mohr (Darmstadt), S. Mughabghab (Brookhaven), Z. Pluhar (Prague), C. Rolfs (Bochum) - not confirmed, A. Serebrov (Gatchina) - not confirmed, J.F. Shriner (Cookeville) - not confirmed, D. Slaughter (Oak Ridge) - not confirmed, P. van Isacker (Caen), V. Zamfir (New Haven)

Preliminary Registration:

All recipients of this Circular are kindly asked to fill in the attached Preliminary Registration Form and return it, preferably before November 1, 2001, by regular mail, fax or e-mail to the following address:

  Prof. Jan Kvasil
  Charles University
  Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  V Holesovickach 2
  CZ-180 00 Prague 8
  Czech Republic
  E-mail: cgs11@cuni.cz
  Fax: +420-2-2191-2604

An on-line preliminary registration via the above-mentioned website is also possible.

The next circulars and other material regarding the CGS 11 will be distributed via e-mail to all those who decided to attend or are considering attending this Symposium.

Organisers would highly appreciate if recipients of this Circular could inform all their colleagues, working in the given field, who would be potentially interested, about the CGS 11.

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