Eleventh Internation Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics (CGS 11)
September 2-6, 2002
Pruhonice near Prague, Czech Republic

Second Circular

International Advisory Committee

H. Boerner (Grenoble), R.F. Casten (New Haven), R.E. Chrien (Brookhaven), W. Gelletly (Surrey), K. Heyde (Gent), R. Jolos (Dubna), F. Kaeppeler (Karlsruhe), W.A. Michaudon (Los Alamos), G. Mitchell (Durham), G. Molnar (Budapest), S. Raman (Oak Ridge), A. Richter (Darmstadt), K. Schreckenbach (Munich), P. von Brentano (Cologne), T. von Egidy (Munich), D.D. Warner (Daresbury), H. Weidenmueller (Heidelberg), S. Wender (Los Alamos), M. Wiescher (Notre Dame), S.W. Yates (Lexington)

Program Committee

Y. Alhassid (New Haven), A. Aprahamian (Notre Dame), M. Arnould (Brussels), E. Betak (Bratislava), M.B. Chadwick (Los Alamos), J.A. Cizewski (Piscataway), P.E. Garrett (Livermore), R. Haight (Los Alamos), M. Herman (Vienna), A. Ignatyuk (Obninsk), R.V.F. Janssen (Argone), J. Jolie (Cologne), E. Kessler (Gaithersburg), H. Kitazawa (Tokyo), K.P. Lieb (Goettingen), H. Mach (Studsvik), A. Mengoni (Bologna), P. Mohr (Darmstadt), S. Mughabghab (Brookhaven), Z. Pluhar (Prague), C. Rolfs (Bochum), A. Serebrov (Gatchina), J.F. Shriner (Cookeville), D. Slaughter (Oak Ridge), P. Van Isacker (Caen), N.V. Zamfir (New Haven)

Local Organising Committee

F. Becvar, P. Cejnar, J. Dobes, S. Krejcik (treasurer), M. Krticka, J. Kvasil (chairman), A. Mackova, S. Pospisil, I. Tomandl

Organised by

Sponsored by

Temelin Nuclear Power Plant, Temelin, Czech Republic

CGS 11 is the eleventh symposium in the series of meetings devoted to topics of traditional nuclear spectroscopy with emphasis on problems whose experimental study is accessible via various capture reactions. While the first meetings were focused almost exclusively on the spectroscopy of gamma-rays following slow-neutron capture, the later symposia progressively covered a much broader scope of theoretical and experimental nuclear physics. The last meeting of the same series was held in Santa Fe, USA in 1999.


CGS 11 will be held in the Congress Centre in Pruhonice - a quiet village, located in the rural suburbs a few kilometres south-east from Prague within reach of the Prague public transportation network. This venue is virtually self-consistent with respect to its infrastructure, i.e. for work, as well as for its catering and accommodation possibilities. The Congress Centre is equipped with all needed technology for the presentation of talks of any kind. The capacity of local hotels is able to cover virtually full accommodation needs during the meeting. Close to the Congress Centre there is a chateau with a large park. This environment will create a relaxed mood during the numerous breaks in the meeting and offer opportunities for discussions during little walks in pleasant and healthy surroundings.

Dates and duration

It is anticipated that the majority of the participants will arrive in Pruhonice on Sunday, September 1. The registration desk at the Congress Centre will be opened from 11:00 to 22:00 on Sunday and from 8:00 to 21:00 on Monday. A welcome reception for the participants and accompanying persons will be held on Sunday evening. CGS 11 will begin on Monday, September 2 at 9:00 a.m. and end on Friday, September 6 at about 16:00.


Maintaining the intent of the earlier meetings, the topics to be discussed at CGS 11 will include

However, CGS 11 may serve as well as a platform for presenting contributions going beyond the above-outlined framework provided that the general spirit of previous meetings is maintained.


There will be 10-15 main talks, each one lasting approximately 30-40 minutes, a number of oral contributions with duration of 15-25 minutes, and poster contributions. The invited talks and oral contributions will be presented at the main (plenary) sessions and, depending on the overall number of submitted contributions, also on a limited number of parallel sessions.

Short oral and poster contributions will be selected by the International Advisory Committee and the Program Committee shortly after the deadline of April 15, 2002 for the receipt of abstracts. Notification of the selected oral and poster contributions will be communicated to the authors by the end of May, 2002.

Details of the program will be specified later in the Third Circular and at the same time on the CGS 11 web pages at http://cgs11.cuni.cz.


All the participants wishing to contribute to the Symposium are kindly asked to electronically submit a one-page abstract before April 15, 2002. Abstracts can be submitted either via the Symposium web site or via E-mail. The web submission can be done following the links from the main web page at http://cgs11.cuni.cz. For the E-mail submission, the abstract, not exceeding one printed page, should be sent in the LaTeX format to the address cgs11@cuni.cz. Authors are kindly asked to specify which of the CGS 11 topics listed above their contributions best refer to.

The abstracts of all contributions accepted for presentation at the meeting will be collected in a volume handed to each participant during registration.

Manuscripts and Proceedings

Instructions concerning the preparation manuscripts of contributions will be announced in the Third Circular. The deadline for receipt of the manuscript is September 6, 2002.

The texts of all invited talks, as well as of all accepted short oral and poster contributions will be published in the Symposium Proceedings by the World Scientific Publishing Company in Singapore. These Proceedings will include only those short oral or poster contributions that were actually presented at the meeting.

Social program

Besides the welcome reception, an excursion will be arranged for participants and accompanying persons. Furthermore, a concert and a banquet will be organised. These events are considered to balance the very concentrated scientific part of the meeting by offering some sightseeing and culture.

Prague, as the Heart of Europe, offers unique and numerous options for sightseeing, excursions and cultural events for the accompanying persons.


The registration can be done either via the web or by E-mail. The Web Registration Form can be reached from the CGS 11 main page at http://cgs11.cuni.cz. The E-mail version of the Registration Form is appended to this document. After filling it in, it can be returned to the CGS 11 address cgs11@cuni.cz. The participants willing to present their contributions are urged to submit the completed Registration Forms before April 15, 2002.

The registration fee for participants is 350 EUR and 180 EUR for students. It can be paid at the conference desk during registration after arrival or by transfer to

  Komercni banka a.s.
  Vaclavske namesti 42
  CZ-110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
  Swift code KOMBCZPP
  Account No. 38330021/0100
  Bank Code 0100
  Remittance information 1039
  Beneficiary customer UK Matematicko-fyzikalni fakulta

In case of payment by a bank transfer, please, specify that charges for the clean payment will be paid by the beneficiary.

The possibility of a reduced registration fee of 300 EUR and 150 EUR for students also exists, if paid before June 30, 2002 to the CGS 11 account given above.

The fee for participants will cover the welcome reception, a banquet, a concert, an excursion, coffee break refreshments, and one copy of the Symposium Proceedings.

The fee for accompanying persons is 120 EUR. It can be paid to the account given above or during the registration after arrival. This fee will cover the welcome reception, the banquet, the concert and the excursion. An additional program for accompanying persons can be organised upon request.

The above-mentioned fees do not include meals.


Most of the participants will be lodged in three-star hotels in Pruhonice. All these hotels are situated within walking distance from the Congress Centre. There is a frequent bus connection between Pruhonice and the underground station "Opatov" from where downtown Prague can be reached in 15 minutes.

A limited number of rooms are reserved in the four-star hotel "Bishop’s House" situated in the historical centre of Prague, near Charles Bridge. For participants staying in this hotel, morning transportation to Pruhonice can be arranged.

Students also have a choice of modest accommodation at the student hostel "Volha", situated on the outskirts of Prague, near to Pruhonice. This accommodation consists of units formed by two double rooms with common facilities. Morning transportation from the hostel to Pruhonice can be arranged.

Prices of accommodation

Option A - hotels in Pruhonice:
  Single room 56 to 75 EUR
  Double room 65 to 84 EUR
  Double room with extra bed 85 EUR
Option B - hotel "Bishop’s House":
  Single room 155 EUR
  Double room 165 EUR
Option C - hostel "Volha":
  One bed in double room 25EUR

The listed prices include the nightly cost of the room or bed plus breakfast.

Ordering of accommodation

Participants interested in one of the listed options of accommodation should express their requests in the corresponding section of the Registration Form. These requests will be handed over to the agency that manages all the agenda of accommodation. This agency will directly contact the participants, confirm the receipt of their requests and give them important details about hotel rooms they are interested in, as well as details about the method of payment for the accommodation.

Summary of deadlines

  April 15 Submission of abstracts
  April 15 Submission of Registration Forms
  June 30 Payment of reduced registration fee
  September 6 Submission of manuscripts

The Symposium Address

  J. Kvasil (CGS 11)
  Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics
  Charles University in Prague
  Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  V Holesovickach 2
  CZ-180 00 Prague 8
  Czech Republic
  E-mail: cgs11@cuni.cz
  Phone: +420-2-2191-2471
  Fax: +420-2-2191-2604
  Web: http://cgs11.cuni.cz