Eleventh International Symposium
on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
and Related Topics

Pruhonice near Prague, Czech Republic
September 2 - 6, 2002


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Introductory Invited Talk  
K. Heyde  
Nuclear Structure  
R. F. Casten Critical Point Symmetries and Phase Transitional Behavior in Nuclei
W. Nazarewicz  
T. Otsuka  
N. Pietralla Evolution of Mixed-Symmetry States near Shell Closures
D.D. Warner Coulomb Energy Differences as a Probe of Nuclear Structure
Nuclear Reactions  
P. Gregers Hansen Knockout Reactions in Inverse Kinematics: A Precision Tool for Nuclear Spectroscopy
P. von Neumann-Cosel Exotic Orbital Modes in Nuclei
Statistical Properties of Nuclei  
Y. Alhassid Microscopic nuclear level densities by the shell model Monte Carlo method
A. Schiller Radiative Strength Functions and Level Densities
Nuclear Astrophysics  
A. Aprahamian  
F. Kaeppeler Stellar neutron captures on unstable isotopes
P. Koehler Constraining the Reaction Rate for the 22Ne(alpha,n)25Mg s-process Neutron Source by Analysis of Mg+n Total and 25Mg(n,gamma) Cross Sections
F. Thielemann Nuclear Physics Issues of the r-Process
Fundamental Physics  
B. Chrien High Resolution gamma-ray Spectroscopy at BNL - Breaking the Strangeness Barrier
T. Soldner Test of time reversal invariance in free neutron decay with Trine
Nuclear Data  
M. Chadwick Nuclear modeling of (n,x gamma) reactions and determination of partial cross sections
P. Lieb Depth Profiling of Nitrogen After Ion Bombardment of Nitride/Si Bilayers and After Laser Nitriding of Metals
Nuclear Facilities, New Techniques 
R. Haight FIGARO: Measuring neutron emission spectra with a white neutron source
Nuclear Structure
P. Alexa, J. Honzatko, I. Tomandl, V. Bondarenko, J. Berzins, T. von Egidy, H.-F. Wirth, V.A. Khitrov, A.M. Sukhovoj, R. Hertenberger, Y. Eisermann, G. Graw Interplay of Quasiparticle and Vibrational States in W Isotopes
F. Andreozzi, A. Porrino, and N. Lo Iudice An Importance Sampling Algorithm as a New Approach to Large Scale Shell Model Calculations
B. R. Barrett, P. Navratil, J. P. Vary, W. E. Ormand, A. Nogga Ab Inition Large-Basis No-Core Shell Model and its Applications to Light Nuclei
D.G. Burke Search for Experimental Evidence Supporting the Multiphonon Description of Excited States in 152Sm
R. Fossion, G. Thiamova, P. Van Isacker, K. Heyde Intruder Bands and Configuration Mixing in the Pb Isotopes
P.E. Garrett Complete spectroscopy of 112Cd
H.B. Geyer, P. Cejnar Microscopic Foundations of Nuclear Supersymmetry
J.G. Hirsch, C.E. Vargas, J.P. Draayer M1 Low-Energy Excitations in Heavy Odd-Mass Nuclei: Are They Scissors Modes?
J. Jolie, S. Heinze, P. von Brentano, V. Werner, R.F. Casten, P. Cejnar Triple point of Nuclear Deformation
R. Julin Spectroscopy of very neutron-deficient heavy nuclei
U. Kneissl Photoactivation of Long-Lived Isomers and its Relevance to Nuclear Structure Physics, Gamma-Laser Schemes and Nucleosynthesis
R. Krucken, C. Hutter, J.R. Cooper, C.J. Barton, M. Shawcross, A. Aprahamian, C.W. Beausang, M.A. Caprio, R.F. Casten, W.-T. Chou, R.M. Clark, D. Cline, M. Cromaz, A.A. Hecht, A.O. Macchiavelli, N. Pietralla , M.A. Stoyer, C.Y. Wu, N.V. Zamfir, A. Zilges Transition Matrix Elements in Neutron-rich Fission Fragments
G.A. Lalazissis, D. Vretenar, T. Niksic and P. Ring Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov Model: description, extensions, application to nuclei close to the drip lines
A. Linnemann, J. Jolie, H.G. Borner, M. Jentschel, P. Mutti Structure of excited Kpi=0+ bands in 168Er
A.F. Lisetskiy, N.Pietralla, A. Gelberg, P. von Brentano Isospin and Rotational Symmetries in Odd-Odd N=Z Nuclei
R.G. Nazmitdinov Self-Consistent Harmonic Oscillator Model and Tilted Rotation
V.O. Nesterenko Self-consistent factorization of density- and current-dependent forces
H.H. Pitz Systematics of E1 two-phonon excitations around shell closures from nuclear resonance fluorescence experiments
Ch. Stoyanov The structure of the low-lying states in even-even N=84 nuclei
V. Werner, H.G. Borner, P. von Brentano, C. Fransen, J.Jolie, U. Kneissl, N. Pietralla, H.H. Pitz, S. Yates Isovector excitations near the N=50 shell closure
S.W. Yates Multiphonon Vibrational Excitations in Nearly Spherical Nuclei
N.V. Zamfir The Phase/shape Transition Critical Point and the Interacting Boson Model
Nuclear Reactions
E. Betak, F. Cvelbar, A. Likar, T. Vidmar Radiative neutron and proton capture: Pre-equilibrium approach
M. Igashira, M. Kawasaki, T. Ohsaki An Interpretation of the Anomalous Bump in keV-Neutron Capture Gamma-Ray Spectra of Lanthanide Nuclides
A. Likar, T. Vidmar, F. Cvelbar, E. Betak The Consistent Direct-semi-direct Model for Radiative Capture of Nucleons
A. Mengoni, T. Nakamura, N. Fukuda, T. Otsuka, M. Ishihara Capture and breakup reactions in light nuclei
S. F. Mughabghab The Role of Giant Dipole and Quadrupole Resonances in Neutron Capture
R.O. Nelson, T. Ethvignot, T. Granier, P. Casoli, N. Fotiades, M. Devlin, G.D. Johns, W. Younes, P.E. Garrett, J.A. Becker and L.A. Bernstein Fast-Neutron-Induced Fission Studied by Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
Yu.P.Popov, A.V.Voinov, D.G.Serov, N.A. Gundorin, A.P. Kobzev, S.S.Parzhitski, P.V.Sedyshev, M.V.Sedysheva New Data on Radiative Strength Functions from Partial Capture Cross Section Measurements
C.Signorini Interaction of Be and Li projectiles with 208Pb, 209Bi at the barrier
L. Zanini, M. Devlin, R. C. Haight, J. M. O’Donnell 59Co(n,x gamma) cross sections measured at FIGARO
Statistical Properties of Nuclei
D.Bucurescu, T.von Egidy Systematics of Nuclear Level Density Parameters
J.A. Cizewski, M. Johnson, D.P. McNabb Probing Level Densities and Strength Functions at Finite Angular Momenta via Decay of Superdeformed Rotational Bands
P. Demetriou, S. Goriely Improved Microscopic Nuclear Level Densities
J.M.G. Gomez, R. Molina, A. Relańo, J. Retamosa Pairing and isospin dependence of chaos in nuclei
G. E. Mitchell Determining Nuclear Level Densities
M.Mueller, J.Flores, T.H.Seligman, M.Horoi Spectral Statistics Of The Two-Body Random Ensemble Revisited
V.A. Plujko, S.N. Ezhov, O.O. Sevastyuk, M.O. Kavatsyuk Comparison of Analytical Methods of E1 Strength Calculations in Middle and Heavy Nuclei
J. F. Shriner Jr., G. E. Mitchell, B. A. Brown Statistical Aspects of the Shell Model
J.Tambergs, O.Dumbrajs, T.Krasta Quantum Chaos and Symmetries in Nuclear Spectroscopy
Nuclear Astrophysics
D.S. Brenner, C.J. Barton, N.V. Zamfir, M.A. Caprio, R.F. Casten, C.W. Beausang, R. Kreucken, N. Pietralla, A. Aprahamian, R. L. Gill, Z. Berant, A. Wolf, J. R. Cooper, J. R. Novak, M. Shawcross, A. Teymurazyan Mass Measurement of 80Y by beta-gamma Coincidence Spectroscopy
I. Dillmann Gamma-spectroscopic study of the r-process waiting-point nuclide 130Cd
S. Harissopulos, P. Demetriou, S. Galanopoulos, G. Kriembardis, M. Kokkoris, P. Tsagari, E. Skreti, Ch. Zarkadas, A.G. Karydas, J.W. Hammer, R. Kunz, M. Fey, E. Somorjai, Gy. Gyurky, Zs. Fulop, A. Dewald, K.O. Zell, P. von Brentano, R. Julin, S. Goriely A systematic study of proton capture cross sections in the Se-Sn region relevant to p-process nucleosynthesis
K.-L. Kratz R-process cosmochronometers: Observations versus model predictions
T. Ohsaki, M. Igashira, Y. Nagai, K. Kobayashi, T. Kobayashi, Y. Sakurai Measurement of the 18O(n,gamma)19O Reaction Cross Sections by Prompt gamma-Ray Detection Methods at Thermal and 30-keV Energies
A.N. Ostrowski, A.M. Laird, M. Aliotta, F. Cappuzzello, S. Cherubini, A. Cunsolo, T. Davinson, P. Figuera, W. Galster, J.S. Graulich, D. Groombridge, J. Hinnefeld, K.-L. Kratz, P. Leleux, A. Musumarra, A. Ninane, A. Di Pietro, A.C. Shotter, C. Spitaleri, A. Tumino, J. Vervier Capture Reactions Studied with Post-accelerated Radioactive Beams
T. Rauscher Reaction rates and nuclear properties relevant for nucleosynthesis in massive stars and far from stability
R.E. Tribble, A. Azhar, P. Bem, V. Burjan, F. Carstoiu, V. Kroha, C.A. Gagliardi, A.M. Mukhamedzhanov, J. Novak, F. Pirlepesov, S. Piskor, A. Sattarov, X. Tang, L. Trache, J. Vincour Capture gamma Reaction Rates at Stellar Energies by the Asymptotic Normalization Coefficient Method
H.R. Weller Low Energy Proton Capture Measurements and the CNO Cycle
Fundamental Physics
L. Majling 10{Lambda}Be and 10{Lambda}B Hypernuclei: a Clue to Puzzles in Nonleptonic Weak Decays
R. Moreh, D. Nemirovsky Effect of the zero-point motion of the H-atom on the Doppler boradening of the n-p capture gamma line
S.I. Penttila for the NPDGamma Collaboration Measurement of the parity-violating gamma-ray asymmetry in the radiative neutron-proton capture
S. Tomsovic, M.B. Johnson, J.D. Bowman Parity Violation in Slow Neutron Resonances: Deducing Meson Coupling Constants
Nuclear Data
R. B. Firestone, Zs. Revay, G. L. Molnar New Capture Gamma-Ray Library and Atlas of Spectra for All Elements
M. Herman EMPIRE-II and its application to the radiative neutron capture
G. L. Molnar, Zs. Revay, T. Belgya New Intensities for High Energy Gamma-Ray Standards
V.L. Alexeev, V.V. Fedorov, V.L. Rumiantsev Use of the high resolution Cauchois bent crystal gamma-spectrometer GSK-2M to study the transmutation of long-lived nuclides
F. Marie, O. Deruelle, M. Fadil, G. Fioni, A. Letourneau, D. Ridikas, H. Faust, P. Mutti Measurement of neutron capture cross sections relevant for nuclear waste transmutation, by gamma and alpha spectroscopy
A. Pietropaolo, C. Andreani, A. D'Angelo, R. Senesi, G. Gorini, S. Imberti, N. Rhodes, E.M. Schooneveld Neutron Spectroscopy in the 1-100 eV energy region with the Resonant Detector Technique
Nuclear Facilities, New Techniques
T. Belgya, Zs. Revay, P.P. Ember, J. Weil, G.L. Molnar, S.M. Qaim The cold neutron PGAA-NIPS facility at the Budapest Research Reactor
F. Gunsing and the nTOF Collaboration Neutron capture measurements at the CERN-nTOF facility for ADS applications
M. Jentschel, H. Boerner, P.Mutti How far can we push Ultra High Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy
H. Mach Nuclear structure studies of exotic nuclei using an array of BaF2 detectors
J.L. Ullmann, R.C. Haight, L. Hunt, R.S. Rundberg, M.R. Dragowsky, M.M. Fowler, G.G. Miller, J.B. Wilhelmy, E.P. Chamberlin, D.D. Strottman, M. Heil, R. Reifarth, and F. Kappeler DANCE: A 4pi BaF2 detector for measuring neutron capture on unstable nuclei
N. Warr, J. Eberth, G. Pascovici, H.G. Thomas, D. Weisshaar, D. Habs, P. Reiter, P. Thirolf, D. Schwalm, C. Gund, M. Lauer, P. van Duppen, S. Franchoo, R.M. Lieder, J. Gerl, K.P. Lieb and the MINIBALL collaboration Miniball: a gamma-ray spectrometer for exotic beams
V.I. Abrosimov, O.I. Davidovskaya Dipole vibrations of hot asymmetric Fermi systems: a Fermi liquid approach
P. Alexa, M. Loewe The 180Ta production puzzle and the classical s-process
P. Alexa, A. Synytsya, K. Volka, J. de Boer, J. Besserer, S. Froschauer, M. Loewe, M. Moosburger, M. Wurkner Raman spectroscopy of irradiated tissue samples
V.L. Alexeev, V.L. Rumiantsev Upgraded 4 meter Cauchois crystal diffraction spectrometer GSK-2M in Gatchina
A. Andrejevs, J. Tambergs, J.Ruza, J.A. Castilho Alcaras, O.Katkevicius Classification of Nuclear States in Unitary Scheme Basis for Strictly Restricted Dynamics Model
M.R. Benam, M.Hoseini Measurement of Hyperfine Field of 60Co in MnCl2 • 4H2O Crystal by the Method of Nuclear Orientation
M.Balodis, T.Krasta, N.Kramere, J.Berzins Possible Evidence for Triaxial Shape in the Odd-Odd Nucleus 194Ir
B.R. Barrett, D.M. Cardamone, C.A. Stafford Three-Level Model for Decay Out of a Superdeformed Band
M. Belgaid, F. Kadema and M. Asghar Systematic Studies of (n,t) Reaction Cross Section for 14.5 MeV Neutrons
J.Berzins, V.Bondarenko, T.Krasta, F.Hoyler, K.Fohl, H.G.Borner, B.Krusche, S.J.Robinson, P.Schillenbeck Non-Rotational States of 164Dy
J. Cervena, V. Perina, A. Mackova, J. Vacik, J. Spirkova, P. Nekvindova NDP and RBS study of lithium niobate
Yu.G. Degtyarev Cross-sections of neutrons radiation capture by neutron-rich nuclides
N. Dinh Dang Ground state correlations within the modified RPA
C.Domingo, J. L. Tain, and the nTOF Collaboration Improved accuracy (n,gamma) measurements at nTOF
A.Dzalbs, A.Andrejevs, J.Tambergs, T.Krasta, J.A.Castilho Alcaras, O.Katkevicius Strictly Restricted Dynamics Model Calculations with Quadrupole Interaction
V.V.Fedorov, V.V. Voronin, E.G. Lapin, S.Yu. Semenikhin Laue diffraction method of a neutron EDM search. Project of the experiment
S.N.Fedotkin Atomic Shell Ionization by the Heated Nuclei
Y. Finkelstein and R. Moreh Testing the Structure of adsorbed N2O Molecules on Graphite using Resonance Scattering of n-capture gamma rays
Y. Finkelstein, R. Moreh, D. Nemirovsky, U. Kneissl, H.H. Pitz, D. Belic, A. Nord Orientation of Ethylene in C24Cs, Studied by Nuclear Resonance Photon Scattering of a Bremsstrahlung beam
C. Fransen, D. Bandyopadhyay, N. Boukharouba, P. von Brentano, J. Jolie, S.R. Lesher, M.T. McEllistrem, N. Pietralla, V. Werner, S.W. Yates Investigating low-spin states in 92Zr with the (n,n'gamma) reaction
M. Gai, R.H. France, J.E. McDonald, H. Weller, A. Breskin Nuclear Astrophysics With Real Photons
A.I. Georgieva, K.D. Sviratcheva, J. P. Draayer An investigation of pairing correlations in exotic Z>=N nuclei based on their Sp(4) - classification
C. Granja, A. Aprahamian, H. Boerner, R. E. Chrien, T. von Egidy, Y. Eisermann, G. Graw, R. Hertenberger, H. Lehmann, D. Nosek, S. Pospisil, L. Rubacek, S. A. Telezhnikov, H.-F. Wirth Spectroscopy of 159Gd
O.T. Grudzevich, S.G. Yavshits Gamma emission from fission fragments
Gy.Gyurky, Zs. Fulop, E. Somorjai, S. Harissopulos, M. Kokkoris, S. Galanopulos, P. Demetriou, T. Rauscher Se(p,gamma) Cross Section Measurements for Astrophysical p-process Studies
H. Harada, K. Furutaka, H. Utsunomiya, H. Akimune, S. Sugimoto, K. Osaka, M. Igashira, T. Ohsaki High-energy Gamma-ray Spectroscopy by High-resolution Spectrometer: HHS
M. Hirano, H. Sakane, M. Shibata, K. Kawade, A. Taniguchi, H. Harada, S. Nakamura Preparation of liquid nitrogen target for precise gamma-ray intensity measurement in the reaction of 14N(n, gamma)
J.G. Hirsch, G. Popa, J.P. Draayer Microscopic study of 156Gd
J. Honzatko, V. Bondarenko, I. Tomandl, T. von Egidy, H.-F. Wirth, D. Bucurescu, V.Yu. Ponomarev, N. Marginean, R. Hertenberger, Y. Eisermann, G. Graw, L. Rubacek Nuclear Structure of 127Te Studied with (n,gamma) and (polarized d,p) Reactions and Interpreted with IBFM and QPM
J.P. Hudelot, S. Cathalau, J.P. Chauvin, P. Fougeras, V. Laval, H. Philibert Measurementof the Modified Conversion Ration of 238U and of the 242Pu Capture Rate by Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy on Irradiated Fuel Pins
E. Jericha P. Baumann, A. Kelic, N. Kornilov, S. Lukic, G. Nogučre, A. Pavlik, A. Plompen, G. Rudolf, P.Siegler Methodological tests of prompt gamma-ray spectroscopy for (n, xn) cross section measurements at various facilities
K. Kaneko, M. Hasegawa, T. Mizusaki Gamma-softness and proton-neutron interaction in the N=Z nucleus 64Ge
V.A. Khitrov, A.M. Sukhovoj Main Pecularitiesof the Transformation Process of Nuclear Low-Lying Levels into the Bohr's Compound States
V.A. Khitrov, A.M. Sukhovoj Model independent method for a simultaneous estimation of the level density and radiative strength functions for dipole gamma-transitions in the energy region up to B_n
V.A. Khitrov, A.M. Sukhovoj The features of the energy dependence of level density and radiative strength functions of heavy nuclei at E< B_n-0.5 MeV
V.A. Khitrov, A.M. Sukhovoj, W.I. Furman, N.A. Gundorin, D.V. Matveev, D.G. Serov On possibility to obtain a bulk of new spectroscopic information for even-even fissile nuclei in energy interval E<B_n
V.A. Khitrov, A.M. Sukhovoj, E.P. Grigoriev The Experimental and Calculated Total gamma-ray Spectra and Population of Levels at E<3 MeV of Heavy Nuclei
V.A. Khitrov, A.M. Sukhovoj, Vuong Huu Tan, Nguyen Canh Hai, Pham Dinh Khang, Vo Thi Anh On possibility to draw reliable data on the $\gamma$-decay process of deformed compound nuclei from different experiments
G. Kim, D.W. Lee, H.D. Kim, Tae-Ik Ro, Y. Min, M. Igashira, S. Mizuno, T. Ohsaki Measurements of Neutron Capture Cross Sections for Dy isotopes in the Energy Region from 10 keV to 90 keV
H. Kitazawa, T. Matsushima, M. Igashira, T. Ohsaki Valence process of the coherent resonance and non-resonance neutron capture on 16O
P. Kudejova, S. Baechler, J. Jolie, J.-L. Schenker, N. Stritt Prompt gamma ray activation analysis for determination of boron in aqueous solutions
J. Kvasil and N. Lo Iudice Microscopic Study of Compressional and Toroidal Modes in Heavy Nuclei
A.Letourneau, G.Fioni, F.Gunsing, F.Marie, L.Perrot, D.Ridikas, P.Mutti, H.Boerner, H.Faust, P.Schillebeeckx Neutron capture branching ratio on Bi-209 using gamma-ray spectroscopy
M. Lubert, N.C. Francis, R.C. Block, Shangwu Wang The RPI Multiplicity Detector Response to Gamma Ray Cascades in 149Sm(n,gamma) and 150Sm(n,gamma) Reactions
U.Lucia, G.Maino Thermodynamical results in nuclear photofission
S. Lukic, P. Baumann, G. Rudolf Analysis of various detector signals digitized by a 12 bit Flash ADC
V.M. Maslov, Yu. V. Porodzinskij Actinide Neutron Capture Cross Sections
V.M. Maslov, Yu.V. Porodzinskij, M. Baba, A.Hasegawa Collective Level Structure of Even-Even Actinides
T. Matsumoto, M. Igashira, T. Ohsaki Measurement of keV-Neutron Capture Cross Sections of I-129
T. Matsushima, H. Kitazawa, M. Igashira, T. Ohsaki Valence-model calculation of low-energy neutron capture cross sections of 9Be and 12C
A. Mengoni, A. Ventura, R. Capote, D. Kusnezov Shape Transitions in the Interacting Boson Model at Finite Temperature
Zh. V. Mezentseva, Yu. P. Popov, G. Ilchev,Yu.V.Grigoriev, V.V. Sinitsa, H .Faikov –Stanczyk The determination of capture and fission cross-sections ratio by the measurement of the multiplicity coincidence spectra of gamma-rays by the absorption of resonance neutrons of 235U nuclei.
N. Minkov, S. Drenska Quadrupole-Octupole Collectivity and Staggering Effects in Nuclear Rotational Spectra
T. Mizusaki Rigorous extrapolation technique for shell model calculations
D. Mocelj, T. Rauscher, Y. Alhassid, S. Liu Parity Dependent Nuclear Level Density For The Prediction of Astrophysical Reaction Rates
P. Mutti, H. Boerner, M. Jentschel, R. Gallino 185W neutron capture cross section measurement at the GAMS spectrometer
H. Nakada,Y. Alhassid Level Densities of N~Z Nuclei using Exact Isospin Projection in the Shell Model Monte Carlo Method»
R. Pezer, D. Vretenar, A. Ventura Combinatorial Level Densities in a Relativistic Structure Model
V.A. Plujko, M.O. Kavatsyuk, O.O. Sevastyuk Shape of Dipole Radiative Strength Functions for Asymmetric Nuclei
V.A. Plujko, O.M. Gorbaschenko Dependence of Nuclear Level Density on Vibrational State Damping
Yu.P. Popov, A.V. Voinov, D.G. Serov, N.A. Gundorin, S.S. Parzhitski, A.P. Kobzev Measurements of partial cross-sections of 48Ti(n,g)49Ti reaction and evaluations of radiative strength functins of E1 and M1 transitions.
M.W. Raad, J.M. Noras Pile-up Free Parameter Estimation & Digital Online Peak Localization Algorithms for Gamma Ray Spectroscopy
K. Saito, M. Igashira, J. Kawakami, T. Ohsaki, T. Obara and H. Sekimoto Measurement of keV-Neutron Capture Cross Sections of 209Bi
P. Sarriguren, E. Moya de Guerra, A. Escuderos Beta+ decay of deformed nuclei from QRPA calculations with Skyrme forces
M. Scheck The systematics of the Scissors Mode in the even-even Hf nuclei
A.P. Severyukhin, Ch. Stoyanov, V.V. Voronov, Nguyen Van Giai Nuclear Structure Calculations with Finite Rank Approximation for Skyrme Interactions
C. Signorini, A. Edifizi, M. Mazzocco, G.F. Prete, F. Soramel, L. Stroe, A. Andrighetto, A. Vitturi, A. Brondi, M. Cinausero, D. Fabris, E. Fioretto, G. La Rana, Z.H. Liu, M. Lunardon, R. Moro, A. Ordine, M. Trotta, E. Vardaci Inclusive and stripping breakup in the system 6Li+208Pb at Coulomb barrier energies.
Z.N.Soroko, S.I.Sukhoruchkin, D.S.Sukhoruchkin Compilation of gamma-ray spectra from neutron and proton resonances
M. Stanoiu, H. Mach, M. Lewitowicz, F. Becker, J. Blomqvist, M.G. Borge, R. Boutami, B. Cederwall, Z. Dlouhy, B. Fogelberg, L. Fraile, G. Georgiev, H. Grawe, R. Grzywacz, P.I. Johansson, W. Klamra, S. Lukyanov, M. Mineva, J. Mrazek, G. Neyens, F. de Oliveira Santos, M. Pfutzner, Yu.E. Penionzhkevich, E. Ramstrom, M. Sawicka Measurements of the B(E2) strength in (67,69,70)Ni and (71)Cu
S.I.Sukhoruchkin Tuning Effects in Nuclear Excitations and Binding Energies
K.D. Sviratcheva, A.I. Georgieva, J.P. Draayer Algebraic sp(4) pairing model and its non-linear extension
J. Vacik, J. Cervena, V. Hnatowicz, V. Havranek, A. Mackova, V. Perina Neutron Depth Profiling in NPI Rez
A.I. Vdovin, N.Yu. Shirikova Gamma Transitions Between Complex Configurations
A.I. Vdovin, A.N. Storozhenko, A. Ventura, A. Blokhin Temperature Dependence of the Giant Dipole Resonance Width Within Thermo Field Dynamics
V.V. Voronin, V.V.Fedorov, E.G. Lapin, S.Yu. Semenikhin Optical precession of the cold neutron spin in a noncentrosymmetric crystal
V.I.Vysotskii, A.A.Kornilova, A.A. Sorokin, V.A. Komisarova The Model, Theory and Direct Observations of Controlling (Breaking) Spontaneous Gamma-Decay of Radioactive Nuclei by the Method of Delayed Gamma-Coincidence
H.-F. Wirth, Y. Eisermann, R. Hertenberger, G. Graw, S. Christen, O. Moller, D. Tonev, J. Jolie Spectroscopy of 196Au, 194Ir and 193Os