Eleventh International Symposium
on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
and Related Topics

Pruhonice near Prague, Czech Republic
September 2 - 6, 2002


Opening session
9.00-9.10 Z. Nemecek  
9.10-9.20 J. Dobes  
9.20-10.00 K. Heyde An Excursion Through the Nuclear Many-body Landscape
10.00-10.20 Coffee break  
Nuclear Structure I
10.20-10.50 R. Casten Critical Point Symmetries and Phase Transitional Behavior in Nuclei
10.50-11.10 J. Jolie Triple Point of Nuclear Deformation
11.10-11.30 H.B. Geyer Microscopic Foundations of Nuclear Supersymmetry
11.30-11.50 F. Azaiez In-beam Gamma Spectroscopy of Neutron Drip Line Nuclei
11.50-12.10 F. Andreozzi An Importance Sampling Algorithm as a New Approach to Large Scale Shell Model Calculations
12.10-13.50 Lunch  
Nuclear Reactions I
13.50-14.20 P.G. Hansen Knockout Reactions in Inverse Kinematics: A Precision Tool for Nuclear Spectroscopy
14.20-14.40 A Mengoni Capture and Breakup Reactions in Light Nuclei
14.40-15.00 E. Betak Radiative Neutron and Proton Capture: Pre-equilibrium Approach
15.00-15.20 A. Likar The Consistent Direct-semi-direct Model for Radiative Capture of Nucleons
15.20-15.40 R.O. Nelson Fast-Neutron-Induced Fission Studied by Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
15.40-16.00 Coffee break  
Nuclear Reactions II
16.00-16.30 P. von Neumann-Cosel Exotic Orbital Modes in Nuclei
16.30-17.00 C. Signorini Interaction of Be and Li Projectiles with 208Pb, 209Bi at the Barrier
17.00-17.20 S. Mughabghab The Role of Giant Dipole and Quadrupole Resonances in Neutron Capture
17.20-17.40 M. Igashira An Interpretation of the Anomalous Bump in keV-Neutron Capture Gamma-Ray Spectra of Lanthanide Nuclides
17.40-18.00 Yu.P. Popov New Data on Radiative Strength Functions from Partial Capture Cross Section Measurements
Nuclear Structure II
8.30-9.00 D.D. Warner Coulomb Energy Differences as a Probe of Nuclear Structure
9.00-9.20 U. Kneissl Photoactivation of Long-Lived Isomers and its Relevance to Nuclear Structure Physics, Gamma-Laser Schemes and Nucleosynthesis
9.20-9.40 A.F. Lisetskiy Isospin and Rotational Symmetries in Odd-Odd N=Z Nuclei
9.40-10.00 G.A. Lalazissis Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov Model: Application to Nuclei Close to the Drip Lines
10.00-10.20 Ch. Stoyanov Microscopic Structure of Low-Lying Positive Parity States in Nuclei near Closed Shells
10.20-10.50 Coffee Break  
Nuclear Structure III
10.50-11.20 N. Pietralla Evolution of Mixed-Symmetry States near Shell Closures
11.20-11.40 S. Yates Multiphonon Vibrational Excitations in Nearly Spherical Nuclei
11.40-12.00 V. Zamfir The Phase/shape Transition Critical Point and the Interacting Boson Model
12.00-12.20 D.G. Burke Search for Experimental Evidence Supporting the Multiphonon Description of Excited States in 152Sm
12.20-14.00 Lunch  
Nuclear Structure IV (parallel section I)
14.10-14.30 C. Hutter Transition Matrix Elements in Neutron-rich Fission Fragments
14.30-14.50 R.G. Nazmitdinov Self-Consistent Harmonic Oscillator Model and Tilted Rotation
14.50-15.10 V.O. Nesterenko Self-Consistent Factorization of Density- and Current-Dependent Forces
15.10-15.30 V. Werner Isovector Excitations Near the N=50 Shell Closure
15.30-15.50 Coffee Break  
Nuclear Structure V (parallel section I)
16.20-16.40 P. Garrett Complete Spectroscopy of 112Cd
16.40-17.00 R. Fossion Intruder Bands and Configuration Mixing in the Pb Isotopes
17.00-17.20 A. Linnemann Structure of Excited Kpi = 0+ Bands in 168Er
17.20-17.40 P. Alexa Interplay of Quasiparticle and Vibrational States in W Isotopes
Nuclear Data (parallel section II)
14.00-14.30 M. Chadwick Nuclear Modeling of (n,x gamma) Reactions and Determination of Partial Cross Sections
14.30-14.50 R.B. Firestone New Capture Gamma-Ray Library and Atlas of Spectra for All Elements
14.50-15.10 M. Hermann EMPIRE-II and its Application to the Radiative Neutron Capture
15.10-15.30 G.L. Molnar New Intensities for High Energy Gamma-Ray Standards
15.30-15.50 Coffee Break  
Applications (parallel section II)
15.50-16.20 P. Lieb Depth Profiling of Nitrogen After Ion Bombardment of Nitride/Si Bilayers and After Laser Nitriding of Metals
16.20-16.40 V.V. Fedorov Use of the High Resolution Cauchois Bent Crystal Gamma-spectrometer GSK-2M to Study the Transmutation of Long-lived Nuclides
16.40-17.00 F. Marie Measurement of Neutron Capture Cross Sections Relevant for Nuclear Waste Transmutation, by Gamma and Alpha Spectroscopy
17.00-17.20 A. Pietropaolo Neutron Spectroscopy in the 1-100 eV Energy Region with the Resonant Detector Technique
17.20-17.40 T. Belgya The Cold Neutron PGAA-NIPS Facility at the Budapest Research Reactor
17.40-19.10 Poster Session  
Nuclear Astrophysics I
8.30-9.00 A. Aprahamian Nuclear Structure in Nuclear Astrophysics
9.00-9.30 F. Kaeppeler Stellar Neutron Captures on Unstable Isotopes
9.30-9.50 H.R. Weller Low Energy Proton Capture Measurements and the Astrophysical S-factors
9.50-10.10 R.E. Tribble Capture gamma Reaction Rates at Stellar Energies by the Asymptotic Normalization Coefficient Method
10.10-10.30 Y. Nagai Critical Role of (n,gamma) Reaction of Light Nuclei in Nuclear Astrophysics
10.30-10.50 Coffe break  
Nuclear Facilities
10.50-11.20 R. Haight FIGARO: Measuring Neutron Emission Spectra with a White Neutron Source
11.20-11.40 F. Gunsing Neutron Capture Measurements at the CERN-nTOF Facility for ADS Applications
11.40-12.00 M. Jentschel How Far Can We Push Ultra High Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy
12.00-12.20 H. Mach Nuclear Structure Studies of Exotic Nuclei Using an Array of BaF2 Detectors
12.20-12.40 J.L. Ullmann DANCE: A 4pi BaF2 Detector for Measuring Neutron Capture on Unstable Nuclei
12.40-13.00 N. Warr Miniball: A Gamma-ray Spectrometer for Exotic Beams
12.40-14.30 Lunch  
  Sightseeing tour  
Nuclear Astrophysics II
8.30-9.00 F. Thielemann Nuclear Physics Issues of the r-Process
9.00-9.30 P. Koehler Constraining the Reaction Rate for the 22Ne(alpha,n)25Mg s-process Neutron Source by Analysis of Mg+n Total and 25Mg(n,gamma) Cross Sections
9.30-9.50 K.-L. Kratz R-process Cosmochronometers: Observations Versus Model Predictions
9.50-10.10 T. Rauscher Reaction Rates and Nuclear Properties Relevant for Nucleosynthesis in Massive Stars and Far from Stability
10.10-10.30 Coffee break  
Statistical Properties of Nuclei I
10.30-11.00 Y. Alhassid Microscopic Nuclear Level Densities by the Shell Model Monte Carlo Method
11.00-11.30 G.E. Mitchell Determining Nuclear Level Densities
11.30-11.50 J.F. Shriner Jr. Statistical Aspects of the Shell Model
11.50-12.10 J.M.G. Gomez Pairing and Isospin Dependence of Chaos in Nuclei
12.10-14.00 Lunch  
Statistical Properties of Nuclei II (parallel section I)
14.00-14.20 T. von Egidy Systematics of Nuclear Level Density Parameters
14.20-14.40 M. Mueller Spectral Statistics Of The Two-Body Random Ensemble Revisited
14.40-15.00 P. Demetriou Improved Microscopic Nuclear Level Densities
15.00-15.20 J. Tambergs Quantum Chaos and Symmetries in Nuclear Spectroscopy
15.20-15.40 V.A. Plujko Comparison of Analytical Methods of E1 Strength Calculations in Middle and Heavy Nuclei
Nuclear Astrophysics III (parallel section II)
14.00-14.20 A.N. Ostrowski Capture Reactions Studied with Post-accelerated Radioactive Beams
14.20-14.40 D.S. Brenner Mass Measurement of 80Y by beta-gamma Coincidence Spectroscopy
14.40-15.00 I. Dillmann Gamma-spectroscopic Study of the r-process Waiting-point Nuclide 130Cd
15.00-15.20 S. Harissopulos A Systematic Study of Proton Capture Cross Sections in the Se-Sn Region Relevant to p-process Nucleosynthesis
15.20-15.40 T. Ohsaki Measurement of the 18O(n,gamma)19O Reaction Cross Sections by Prompt gamma-Ray Detection Methods at Thermal and 30-keV Energies
15.40-17.10 Poster session  
Statistical Properties of Nuclei III + Nuclear Structure VI
8.30-9.00 A. Schiller Radiative Strength Functions and Level Densities
9.00-9.20 J.A. Cizewski Probing Level Densities and Strength Functions at Finite Angular Momenta via Decay of Superdeformed Rotational Bands
9.20-9.40 H.H. Pitz Systematics of E1 Two-phonon Excitations Around Shell Closures From Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence Experiments
9.40-10.00 J.G. Hirsch M1 Low-Energy Excitations in Heavy Odd-Mass Nuclei: Are They Scissors Modes?
10.00-10.20 Coffee break  
Fundamental Physics
10.20-10.50 R. Chrien High Resolution gamma-ray Spectroscopy at BNL - Breaking the Strangeness Barrier
10.50-11.20 T. Soldner Test of Time Reversal Invariance in Free Neutron Decay with Trine
11.20-11.40 L. Majling 10{Lambda}Be and 10{Lambda}B Hypernuclei: a Clue to Puzzles in Nonleptonic Weak Decays
11.40-12.00 R. Moreh Effect of the Zero-point Motion of the H-atom on the Doppler Broadening of the n-p Capture Gamma Line
12.00-12.20 S.I. Penttila Measurement of the Parity-violating Gamma-ray Asymmetry in the Radiative Neutron-proton Capture
12.20-12.40 S. Tomsovic Parity Violation in Slow Neutron Resonances: Deducing Meson Coupling Constants
12.40-13.00 closing talks