Workshop on Gamma-Ray Techniques in Astrophysics

At the end of the last "CGS10" Conference, held in Santa Fe', a Workshop on "the Origin of the Heavy Elements: Astrophysical Models and Experimental Challenges" has been organized by Bob Haight et al. (see:

We announce a similar initiative, to take place at the end of the next "Capture Gamma-ray Symposium (CGS11)":

  Title: Gamma-ray Techniques in Astrophysics
  Date : SATURDAY, September 7, 2002
  Place : lecture hall at a historical building of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
Ke Karlovu Street 3

The venue is relatively close to downtown Prague and at the same time not very far from Pruhonice, site of the CGS11 Symposium. The participants of the workshop could thus be accommodated in not too expensive Pruhonice hotels. We have already arranged with Dr. Kubrychtova, the owner of EKU Congress Agency, for providing a special bus transportation between these hotels and the venue of the workshop.

All the participants to the CGS11 Symposium and all their colleagues are invited to join the "Gamma-ray Techniques in Astrophysics" workshop.

Main topics which will be covered and a preliminary program:

(i) observations in space
    gamma-ray observations in space (G Kanbach*)
(ii) radiative capture in laboratories
    n+p=>d measurement (S Wender)
    DANCE at Los Alamos (J Ullmann)
    The n_TOF facility at CERN (A Mengoni)
    Neutron capture on Pb isotopes (S OŽBrien)
    Japan Hadron Facility (Y Nagai)
    SNS Oak Ridge (P Koehler)
(iii) gamma-induced reactions
    Photoneutron activities at KEK (H Utsunomiya)
    Polarized gamma facility at TUNL (H Weller*)
    (p,g) experiments of Democritos (S Harissopoulos)
    (n,g) activities in Dubna (Y Popov)

Contributions from:
  R Moreh, E Betak, S Sukhoruchkin, J-L Tain*

*to be confirmed

Request for participation and contribution should be addressed to one of the organizers listed below.

The Organizing Committee:
  F. Becvar, Charles University (
  R. C. Haight, Los Alamos (
  F. Kaeppeler, Karlsruhe (
  P. E. Koehler, Oak Ridge (
  A. Mengoni, CERN (
  S. Wender, Los Alamos (

The .pdf version of this announcement is available here.