Eleventh International Symposium
on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
and Related Topics

Pruhonice near Prague, Czech Republic
September 2 - 6, 2002


Abstracts | Presentations | Proceedings

All the participants that wish to contribute to the Symposium are asked to electronically submit a one-page abstract before April 15, 2002. All abstracts will be collected in a volume that will be handed to each participant at registration.

Abstracts can be submitted either by filling in the web form or by sending an E-mail. For E-mail submission, the abstract (not exceeding one printed page) should be sent in LaTeX format. Only poster contributions can be accepted after April 15, 2002.

There will be oral and poster contributions in the Symposium. A limited number of main talks (duration 30 minutes) and the other oral presentations (duration 20 minutes) will be selected by the Advisory and Program Committee from contributions whose abstracts will be received not later than April 15. Notification of the selected oral or poster presentations will be communicated to the authors by the end of May.

Duration of talks - including some time for questions and short comments:
  Main talks 30 min
  Oral presentations 20 min

Talks can be presented using the standard overhead projector or a data projector. In the latter case, please inform us which hardware and software you would need before the end of July. It is supposed that most of the presentations using data projector will be in the PowerPoint (version 2000 or older); standard diskette and CD-ROM drives will be available.

The size of posters should not exceed a width of 73 cm and a height of 103 cm. If you need two such areas for your poster presentation, please, let us know before the end of July.


All oral presentations and posters will be published in the Symposium proceedings issued by the World Scientific. Contributions will not appear in the Proceedings if the author does not attend the Symposium.

The number of pages allowed for contributions in the Proceedings:
  Main talks 9 pages
  Oral presentations 7 pages
  Posters 4 pages

The manuscripts for the Conference Proceedings are to be prepared with the aid of Latex2e language using the appropriate style, available at the World Scientific web site. In order to access this style, please type http://www.wspc.com.sg and click consecutively "For Authors", "Style Files", "Proceedings Style Files" and then select Trim Size 9.00" x 6.00" to download the needed files. Alternatively you can download the compressed package of style files from our server in .zip or .tgz form.

Instructions for producing a Camera-Ready Manuscript using World Scientific Publishing Latex2e Proceedings Style Files:

Total there are five files in the package:
  procs-readme96_2e.txt The preliminary guide
  procs-f1.eps The figure/image file
  ws-procs9x6.cls The class/style file that provides the higher level latex2e commands for the proceedings
  ws-procs9x6.tex The main text
  ws-procs9x6.pdf Sample pages of the above text

The authors are pleased not to change the parameters in the ws-procs9x6.cls style file. If there is an abbreviation defined in the new definitions at the top of the file ws-procs9x6.tex that conflicts with one of your own macros, then delete the appropriate command and revert to longhand. Failing that, please consult your local texpert to check for other conflicting macros that may be unique to your computer system. Page numbers are included at the top of the page for your guidance. Do not worry about the final pagination of the volume which will be done after submitting the contribution. If you need any further assistance, please email to the local organizing committee.

The deadline for the receipt of manuscripts is September 6, 2002. To publish the Proceedings in time, the deadline must be strictly observed; no late papers will be accepted. All contributions are required in electronic form, i.e. as a LaTeX 2e source code.

The Proceedings will be issued before July 2003.