Eleventh Internation Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics (CGS 11)
September 2-6, 2002
Pruhonice near Prague, Czech Republic

Third Circular

This is the last Circular for the Eleventh International Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics.


A preliminary program of the CGS 11 will be posted on our web site in a few days.

Presentation of Talks and Posters

As already announced on our web site, for the Main Talks and Oral Presentations, a standard overhead projector will be at disposal, as well as a data projector. In the latter case, please, inform us at your earliest convenience which hardware or software you would need. We guess that most of the presentations relying on a data projector will be prepared in the form of PowerPoint files. For the needs of these presentations a standard diskette and CD-ROM drives will be available.

The size of Posters should not exceed a width of 73 cm and a height of 103 cm. If two such areas are needed for your Poster, please inform us before August 5.


The Main Talks, Oral Presentations and Posters will be published in the Symposium Proceedings by World Scientific, Singapore. However, if none of the authors of a contribution attends the Symposium, their contribution will not appear in the Symposium Proceedings.

The following numbers of pages are allowed for contributions in the Symposium Proceedings:

  9 pages for the Main Talks
  7 pages for Oral Presentations
  4 pages for Posters

The manuscripts for the Symposium Proceedings are to be prepared with the aid of Latex2e language using the style available at the World Scientific web site. The specification of this style and details for its downloading together with instructions regarding its handling are given on the CGS 11 web site at the address http://cgs11.cuni.cz.

The Latex files of the contributions are to be sent to the e-mail address cgs11@cuni.cz or handed over to the organizers at the Conference Desk not later than September 6, 2002. All authors are kindly asked to strictly observe this deadline.


The registration will take place at the Conference Desk located in the main lobby of the Congress Center in Pruhonice. On Sunday, September 1, the Conference Desk will be open from 16:00 to 21:30 and thereafter daily until the end of the Symposium.

If not paid before by a bank transfer to our account, the Conference Fee is to be paid at the Conference Desk during the registration soon after your arrival. We remind you that for security reasons we are able to accept this Fee exclusively in cash. This payment can be done not only in EUR and USD currency, as announced in the First Circular, but also in Czech crowns (CZK). Those participants who have already paid the Conference Fee by a bank transfer are kindly asked to provide us with a copy of the payment order issued by their bank. For your convenience, we recommend that you exchange any foreign currency into Czech crowns either at the airport or at a bank in Pruhonice, where, in addition, an automated teller machine (ATM) is at your disposal.

The Conference Fee amounts are 350 EUR, 180 EUR and 120 EUR for regular participants, students and accompanying persons, respectively. The corresponding sums in USD and CZK will depend on the exchange rates during the period of the Symposium.


All participants of the CGS 11 are kindly asked to inform us about the exact date and time of their arrival to Prague, as well as about the flight number or a train connection. If you do so not later than on August 28, we will be able to provide you with free transportation from the airport or a railway station to Pruhonice. In this case you will be awaited by our hostess who will inform you about the time of departure of a bus or minibus to Pruhonice. You will easily recognize her according to a banner with the logo of CGS 11. She will wait for all of you who provide us with the above-mentioned information, regardless of a possible delay in your arrival. Free transportation will be provided only on Saturday (August 31) and Sunday (September 1).

For those attendees who will arrive by plane and will not be able to take advantage of this offer we recommend to use one of the following options for transportation to Pruhonice:

  1. AAA Radiotaxi Service. In this case it is necessary to dial a five-digit telephone number 14014 and ask an English-speaking operator to order a taxi cab. The operator will tell you the plate number of the cab that will arrive at the airport in about 20 minutes to take you to Pruhonice. The price for this service is to be about 700 CZK. To avoid any bargaining regarding the price we strongly recommend you to ask the driver for a receipt after you reach Pruhonice. The AAA Raditaxi Service is a recommended option.
  2. Car Service (Airport Taxi). To order this service, contact the office of Car Service located in the airport hall. In this option the price for transportation to Pruhonice will be around 1000 CZK.
  3. Cedaz Airport Minibuses. Airport minibuses can bring you to the Namesti Republiky Square in downtown Prague, which is approximately at the midpoint between the airport and Pruhonice. The total price for all (up to 7) passengers is 720 CZK regardless of their number. To continue your journey to Pruhonice, we recommend to order an AAA Radiotaxi Service cab. The use of other taxi cabs might cause some problems.

For attendees who will arrive by train and miss the opportunity of free transportation we recommend option 1.

Social Events

On Sunday evening, starting from 19:00, a welcome party will be organized at the Congress Centre for all participants of the Symposium and accompanying persons.

A concert in Bethlehem Chapel (Betlemska kaple) in planned for Monday evening, a sightseeing tour around Prague for Wedneday afternoon and the Symposium Dinner for Thursday evening. More information about these and other events can be found at the Conference Desk. A rich program for accompanying persons will be offered by the EKU Congress Agency.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon at the Symposium, hoping that you all will spend a pleasant and enjoying time.

Sincerely yours,

Jan Kvasil

Contact Address

  J. Kvasil (CGS 11)
  Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics
  Charles University in Prague
  Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  V Holesovickach 2
  CZ-180 00 Prague 8
  Czech Republic
  E-mail: cgs11@cuni.cz
  Phone: +420-2-2191-2471
  Fax: +420-2-2191-2604
  Web: http://cgs11.cuni.cz

In case of emergency, the following cellular phone numbers can be used from August 31 and on:

  +420 (0) 732 655 513 Jan Kvasil
  +420 (0) 723 279 039 Frantisek Becvar
  +420 (0) 732 523 440 Milan Krticka